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Activist Judge Reinstates DACA

Another activist federal judge has told President Trump to reinstate DACA because he hasn’t properly explained the reasons to end it. How about DACA was created by a president and it can be ended by a pre

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Mexican crime is spilling over into the U.S - Build the Wall

President Trump cited a news report on Tuesday of a higher murder rate in Mexico than previously reported to declare the need for a border wall and protect citizens. He also used it as further evidence to thr

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Criminal Illegal Aliens Continue to Victimize Citizens

A Mexican illegal alien who has been living in the U.S. for 28 years was sentenced to nine months in jail for his third DUI in Virginia. Mario Santos-Ochoa, 44, was sentenced to nine months in jail on Monday, J

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We Didn't Start the Fire

CNN's Jim Acosta is playing the victim because he was “villainized” at a recent Trump rally, and the rest of the liberal Media has jumped on the pity-party band wagon for themselves. Imagine, the li

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Build the Wall or Shut Down the Government

President Trump has threatened to shut-down the federal government if Congress does not fund the border wall, and I and many other Americans (including many Americans of Mexican descent) support him. Trump said

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Judge Says Trump Ending Immigrant Status Is “Racist"

In another example of leftist judicial activism, U.S. District Judge Denise Casper, who was appointed to the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts by Barack Obama,

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Texas Business Groups Oppose Texas Lawsuit to End DACA

A coalition of Texas business organizations including the Texas Association of Business and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, have declared their opposition to a federal lawsuit filed by Texas At

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More Deceitful Politics at San Antonio's City Hall

The liberal City of San Antonio government along with local Leftist groups and elitist Establishment leaders are pushing one proposal and fighting another. They support a mandatory city sick-leave ordinance tha

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San Antonio Considers Strict Gun Controls

The San Antonio city council seems to be following other liberal Democrat-led cities in blaming guns for violence rather personal behavior. Last week, on Tuesday, June 26, a city council committee discussed ena

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Illegal Alien Arrested for Murder in San Antonio

Illegal alien Ernesto Esquivel-Garcia, 20, was arrested and charged with the death of Jared Vargas's in San Antonio. He was one of several people taken to police headquarters for questioning in the case and was

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Introducing El Conservador

Part 1 1bGeorge was a White House appointee in the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush Administrations. He is currently a blogger and has been a guest contributor on Fox News nationally.   In 2011, he became president of the San Antonio Tea Party and frequently speaks on the topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration.  George is NOT Politically Correct: he will tell it as he sees it. Read more about George Rodriguez.
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