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Donald Jr. cancels fund raiser appearance for George P. over Jeb's Criticism

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has withdrawn from a fundraiser for Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush in New York because of criticism toward his father, pres. Trump, by the Bush family. Tr

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Illegal aliens who paid smuggler are not victims

The 54 illegal aliens found in a trailer in San Antonio last night, are being treated as "victims" by the local liberal Media, pro-open borders activists, and the Democrats. These people paid about $8000 each

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Is Chief McManus under investigation?

KTSA radio host Trey Ware spoke to Mayor Ron Nirenberg about the city’s method for creating a budget and also he answered the questions of whether SAPD Chief McManus has done any wrong.  SA mayor Nir

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Is City Council Having Another Secret Meeting?

San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg continues to say that his city government is transparent and inclusive, however, that’s very difficult to believe when so many city policy decisions are made behind closed

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Israeli-type Fence Considered for the U.S./Mexico Border

The Democrats and the liberal Media, particularly the Spanish-speaking media like Univision and Telemundo, will soon have another emotional meltdown as the U.S studies and considers Israel's border fence with E

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Ohio State Law to Clean Voter Rolls Upheld

On Monday, June 11, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Ohio’s state law that allows them to clean their voter rolls of inactive voters. Republicans cheer it, and Democrats cried foul. The Court ruled 5-4

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Plans to Move the Alamo Cenotaph

The latest plans for designing the Alamo in San Antonio were revealed Tuesday night, June 5, including scrapping the controversial glass walls proposed last year...and moving the Cenotaph. The crowd at the Wit

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ICE Chief Says DACA will Encourage More Illegal Immigration

Acting chief of ICE for Pres. Trump said today, Tuesday, May 6, that passing a “clean” Dream Act (DACA) to legalize “Dreamers” will spur a new wave of illegal immigration and create a ne

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Fake News and Immigration Law Enforcement

The liberal Washington Post did its best to try to slant immigration law enforcement and portray an ICE raid in Ohio that occurred on Tuesday, June 5, in the worst light possible. The Wednesday, June 6 headlin

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Fake News, History, and Illegal Immigrant Family Separation

The liberal Washington Post has joined the chorus of pro-open borders/pro-illegal immigration groups that are upset that illegal alien families are being separated by immigration officials.  They published

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Introducing El Conservador

Part 1 1bGeorge was a White House appointee in the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush Administrations. He is currently a blogger and has been a guest contributor on Fox News nationally.   In 2011, he became president of the San Antonio Tea Party and frequently speaks on the topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration.  George is NOT Politically Correct: he will tell it as he sees it. Read more about George Rodriguez.
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