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De-Escalation as a Police Tactic

Former San Antonio police officer Willy Cantu discusses the police tactic called "de-escalation". He also analyzes two recent standoffs in San Antonio where the tactic was used and how it affected the situation

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The "El Conservador Show" for Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021

The show’s guests are Sheriff AJ Louderback from the Texas Sheriffs Regional Alliance. He will talk about the lack of support the Biden Administration provides local law enforcement on the Borde

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Stop Rewarding Illegal Immigration

Since the federal government encourages and rewards illegal immigration, citizens must demand that local governments stop rewarding illegal aliens with jobs, welfare, education, health care, and civil rights. I

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Deaf Democrats plan to Plow Ahead with their Leftist Agenda

After the voters spoke, the politically deaf Democrats are planning to plow ahead with their Leftist agenda. Joe Biden suffered a political lashing on Tuesday, Nov. 2, but the Democrats want to continue push

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Introducing El Conservador

Part 1 1bGeorge was a White House appointee in the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush Administrations. He is currently a blogger and has been a guest contributor on Fox News nationally.   In 2011, he became president of the San Antonio Tea Party and frequently speaks on the topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration.  George is NOT Politically Correct: he will tell it as he sees it. Read more about George Rodriguez.
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