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Attacks on Border Patrol Agents Grow

There’s an increase in attacks and violence against Border Patrol agents by illegal aliens. It is a reflection of the lack of respect for American sovereignty and laws by the rest of the world, particular

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Democrats' War on Law & Order

We have tons of unvetted young men coming across the border and the liberals still want to limit and defund the local police. 

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Female Border Patrol Agent Attacked by Male Illegal Alien

An illegal alien attacked a female border patrol agent from the Tucson, AZ, sector on Saturday, March 4, while she was making an arrest. The attack is the latest as illegal aliens have become more aggressive an

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Rosa Castro Appointed to San Antonio City Council

How low has San Antonio fallen that a racist/Marxist is selected to serve on the City Council by a 10-0 council vote? Unfortunately, the local news doesn’t bother to report on her radical past.  Cas

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Street Racing & Soros-Funded DAs

Three people were arrested during a street takeover on Saturday evening in southwest Houston, TX, as authorities crack down on the dangerous events statewide. It's odd that the cities where there is a problem w

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Introducing El Conservador

Part 1 1bGeorge was a White House appointee in the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush Administrations. He is currently a blogger and has been a guest contributor on Fox News nationally.   In 2011, he became president of the San Antonio Tea Party and frequently speaks on the topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration.  George is NOT Politically Correct: he will tell it as he sees it. Read more about George Rodriguez.
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